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"Professional, High Quality and delivering results for their customer, these are the qualities Training Beach Consulting deliver. Dougie's passion for Analysis, Design and Delivery are clear to see threaded throughout his products and the improvement in performance delivers a significant Return on Investment. "


Tim Hazell | Professional Sales Trainer at Scottish Provident ,Kirkcaldy, United Kingdom



"Dougie Kemp has an enormous amount of skills and knowledge when working on training design and also delivery. I have been very fortunate to work with Dougie on a Managment Development programme, Talent Development programme and various other training design interventions. Dougie just knows what will work, takes into account learning styles and to keep the audience engaged particularly when the subject can be quite dry. I have gained a lot from working with Dougie, he pays such attention to detail that ensures all design content and materials are fool proof. A delight to work with "


Marion Letham, Consultant ,Training Maze Ltd / Action for Children 


  I have had the pleasure of observing Dougie at work, over   the past 9 weeks, initially while my team was going through its theoretical training and then subsequently, while he was leading other pensions teams through theirs. He is passionate and knowledgeable about his subject matter and about adding true value to his trainees. It would be an honour to work with and be trained by Dougie in the future.less

March 8, 2015, 


Robin Lewin FIRP  Team Manager at Financial Services

Scottish Widows


Dougie is an exceptional training professional, He uses his extensive training experience gained across a number of very different businesses to capture the attention of the learner in a engaging and supportive way. He always ensures the delegate is at the heart of his learning interventions whilst unfailingly delivering the learning objectives.

I would have no hesitation in working with Dougie again.


Graeme Wilkinson

An enabler of business performance improvement. Executive and Team Coach, L&D Consultancy, Facilitator.

March 7, 2015,..